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Re: Mars-Saturn Opposition in Synastry

Originally Posted by Ουρανία View Post
I have this aspect in synastry, I am Mars in Gemini, and he is Saturn.
I havenīt found myself in any astrological description of this combination.
I agree Oupavia

I have found quite a few people in relationships with Mars-Saturn contacts and often in hard aspect. Most seem to be happy.

I think a great deal depends upon the natal charts and what they want from a partner. If the ruler of one person's Ascendant is conjunct the ruler of the other person's Ascendant or angle, then this is a powerful contact and it doesn't matter whether Mars and Saturn are involved.

Though none of the text books seem to mention it, this aspect can give considerable sexual attraction.

The problem is that if the Saturn person is very controlling by nature, then the Mars person will find that they rebel after two or three years and try to get away. However, in the case presented by the OP it is a mutual Mars-Saturn so this combination could give excellent goal setting and directed energy.

Transits to these points will show how this energy is working for the people involved, and if fast moving transits are bringing problems then the outer planet transits will bring big problems.

I was married to a man with Mercury-Mars in Virgo square Saturn-Ascendant in Gemini. My Mars was conjunct his Saturn and therefore square his Mercury-Mars and after a couple of years I found his criticisms intolerable; they became worse when we had the children and he started criticising them as well. Eventually the marriage broke down and I was very relieved to be out of it - to the point I have never married again as I didn't want to put myself in this position again.

But if someone has a Mars-Saturn contact with good aspects to other factors in their charts, it can and does work very positively.

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