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Re: the worst synastry aspects ?

The following is what I have observed in synastry and composite charts:

Mars in hard aspect to saturn because one person feels like they have the energy and will to do something but the other person deliberately tries to stop them, this causes resentment on both ends. Both partners could get in the way of the other' person's ambition and goals.

Venus in hard aspect to Neptune because of the inevitable dramatic disappointment, things seemed so beautiful but then all of a sudden the unpleasant reality comes out with a big bang.

Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune can cause both partners to feel that they have to intentionally mislead or lie to the other to have the other respect them. It is very easy for miscommunication to occur.

Venus in hard aspect to saturn is actually excellent for business partners or colleagues, you tend to attract more prosperity financially. However, in personal relationships there is a potent coldness that is hard to verbalize but is always felt. There is also a lack of physical affection.

Venus in hard aspect to Pluto causes obsessive compulsive relationships marked by extremes in feelings, jealousy, possessiveness and very heavy karma.

Saturn conjunct an angle makes one person feel that they are burdened or restricted by the other or that they are their teacher. I find Saturn on the MC or Asc is excellent for student-teacher relationships but not for personal relationships.

Samantha Samuels
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