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Re: the worst synastry aspects ?

Originally Posted by bittermoon View Post
for me:hard aspects to the moon and mercury. i was in a relationship once where the guy's mars/sun conjunction in aries (gasp) was squaring my cancer mercury. the constant avalanche of arian power made me withdraw completely.

i think in any relationship communication is the most important thing. you can have dazzling sex, but if you can't talk about things, that's where it ends. hard mercury aspects don't necessarily have to be detrimental, as long as both partners are willing to work on it, or at least be aware.

hard aspects to my scorpio moon are also not a winner for me. if i feel threatened on whatever level, i will simply emotionally withdraw.

I have to agree with you on Mercury in hard aspect to Moon. I dated a I had an opposition with, and I seriously would be sitting right next to him and not hear what he said. This was a consistent theme in our relationship, him having to repeat what he said to me! It was the weirdest thing and was the catalyst to breaking us up!! Well...he was also a jerk too!
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