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Re: the worst synastry aspects ?

Originally Posted by MaeMae View Post
Mars-Saturn aspects are tough. Mars is always wanting to initiate and Saturn is always wanting to hold Mars back or limit it somehow. Sexually, it's a wet blanket.
I have this aspect with my boyfriend.His Saturn is exactly conjunct my Mars,and by 3 degrees conjunct my Venus and Ascendant.We are stuck together like a glue or something and this aspect is what made this relationship last so much.Even when I see problems in this relationship or when it becomes dull, I'll never think of leaving him,I'll stay and try to fix them,or endure them,unless it's something really serious,like infidelity or serious lies.He propably sees it this way too.Sex is great,but not so often.I think the Mars person feels obligated to the Saturn person somehow.Pluto is totally absent from our synastry,we don't have any power struggles,we are both free spirits and have fun with each other.
I've had a relationship in the past where there were Neptune trines to my venus and his moon and also pluto squares involving my moon and his venus and moon.Our moons were in square.This relationship felt like a dream and the feelings were very strong but it was too emotionally difficult to handle,it drove us both mad and we both needed to "control" somehow one another.I don't like people controlling me so I left,no matter how much I wanted to stay.
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