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Re: the worst synastry aspects ?

Originally Posted by Sweet Escape View Post
In my experience difficult aspects to Mars are some of the worst. Ascendant square Mars in a comparison chart creates power struggles. Mars conjunct Saturn is pretty bad for intimate relationships. And Mercury square Pluto can lead to verbal abuse.

Oh, and having composite Moon in the 6th house is terrible! I felt completely subordinated by the person.
I would have to agree although I can tell my friend and her husband have the worst relationship on the planet. They argue constantly, he's lied to her, has a drinking problem, and basically I really don't know what holds them together but for Saturn I guess and her not wanting to go back to work. She is a very fixed Scorpio/Leo. They have Mercury conjunct Pluto both ways, his Saturn square and opposes her ASC/Sun/Moon, and his Neptune conjuncts her ASC and squares her Mars Sun conjunction. She thought he was her Knight in Shining armor, but she ended up being delusional and deluded. She has Moon conjunct Neptune in her Scorpio 1st house so she doesn't always see herself or others as they really are. Of course she is no easy person either in terms of being temperamental, controlling, anal, and argumentative. She is extremely loyal though, which in this case is very toxic and to her detriment.
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