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Re: Mars-Saturn Opposition in Synastry

My thought is that any opposition to Mars brings out the "you're not the boss of me" element in synastry. oppositions, like squares, are dynamic and challenging, but if a person has a certain self-awareness, the aspect can actually help them to refine their approach to life through the other.

Mars-Saturn oppositions and squares often get stuck in the mud. If you consider the planetary energies -

Mars "let's go now!"
Saturn "we need to wait..."

then it would follow that there is a problem between the two involving immediate and deferred gratification. Mars is not one to tolerate delays and restrictions, and is seldom concerned with outcomes. He's all about "now" and forging ahead. Saturn likes to take things slow and is willing to wait. He only allows himself to find reward after he's convinced that all is well on the front.

A possible exception might be a MR, where the qualities of each sign/planet are in some kind of sync.

By sign, not aspect, natally, I have opposite signs with Mars/Saturn. I understand that part of myself. In my case, it's Cancer-Cap. Deep longings and self-imposed restrictions.

Sexually, I see this combo in synastry as a real damper. Mars wants to go all out and Saturn wants to hold back. It's these types of frustrations that can sour even the most loving and gentle relationship.

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