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Re: promote new business election

I didn't realize your 2nd chart was the turned one. Anyway, I also did the charts in Astrodienst, and because they use Placidus houses, and I'm more familiar with that anyway, the cusps come out different. I'm posting the 2nd chart here, which I did for 10.55am. Hope I don't get uploading glitches myself (fingers crossed).

Bear in mind that an electional is not a horary. It is more like a birth chart than a progression or transit chart. Making the significators strong is more important than making them favourably aspect this or that planet or angle. A strong significator will do its job well. It may receive problems from some quarters, but can capably deal with them.

Strengthening a planet basically means putting it into an angular house. Other ways of strengthening it is to have it in its own sign. Or in mutual reception. Sun and Moon are also strong according to whether it's day or night.

I wouldn't want to have a significator weak, even if it had good aspects. It won't be able to perform its job well, and will be dependent on concessions and good things from elsewhere. But inherently, it is weak and ineffective. An example would be, if your 2nd ruler is cadent in your natal chart, even if it had good aspects or is a benefic, you will never be rich in your life (as in my chart!). There are ways to make it strong, but that's another story.

Elevated planets are also a lot better, more dynamic, than planets below the horizon. For this reason, I wasn't very taken with the first chart.

The chart ruler represents the face of the entity, i.e. your business itself. The thing transacted, i.e. the goods or services, is the MC. You are the boss, so you are both the Asc and the MC. The 7th is your market, your customers. The 4th is the physical premises of your business, or where it is housed. The 2nd is the revenue or sales. The 6th, your staff. The 8th would be taxes, loans, investments, partner's capital, money which is tied to something else. Be careful of the 12th - losses, debts, wastage, dishonesty, enemies.

These are my observations for the 2nd turned chart for 10.55am. Your quotes are in bold.

The chart for 11.15am actually may give legal problems, as 9th ruler (your legal affairs) is a malefic and is strong by sign but weak by being cadent, and it squares strong Saturn, ruler of Asc and 12th.

The 10.55am chart seems to solve this particular problem. Now Venus is 9th ruler and it is strong. Your legal position is solid. You will have problems (the squares) but will always win.

the chart ruler (uranus) and mc ruler (jupiter) make no aspect. "no aspect between 1st & 10th rulers, no action" is what i learned the first time i did an electional.

I think it's more important to use the traditional planets as the main rulers, and use the modern planets as co-rulers, playing a supporting role so to speak, like being the main planet's sidekick.

Based on that, I see Saturn as the chart ruler, and Uranus the co-ruler. Saturn is strong in the 7th, though it is debilitated by being in Leo. (When the Sun moves into Capricorn next month, it will lose its debility by mutual reception). It is in a weak trine with strong Venus (joy/harmony) and close trine with Pluto (power/transformation), in the 10th (goods/public image) and 11th (wishes/astrology) respectively. Uranus is in the 1st (the business/boss), in mutual reception with Neptune, co-ruler of 2nd, also in the 1st. Sounds good to me.

The 10th ruler is now Mars, strong both by being angular and in Scorpio. Public image, the quality of goods, the business management all will be positive and productive. The downside is that it squares Saturn, bringing problems in your interface with the public, and troubles with deception/dishonesty (opp Neptune and 12th) and management of the business (1st). But it's in the 7th, with your market the public, out in the open. You will need to face up to problems, and to ask your customers to help you sort out problems.

another thing i was taught is that the sun and moon had to have a favorable aspect in a business chart for any money to be made. the moon still has the trine to venus, though, so perhaps that makes up for it. other things are less important - the moon loses its trines to the sun and jupiter and it loses its connection to the mc. so all the trines to the mc are gone but it gains two conjunctions (sun and jupiter) and loses one (the moon).

I'm confused here. The 11.15am chart does have a Sun-Moon trine. So does the 10.55am one. In any case, I really wouldn't worry too much about this, as long as the luminaries are strong, especially the 'light of the time'. The Sun is, so no worries there.

In fact, the Moon in the 2nd trines Jupiter, Sun and Venus, all in the 10th. Unafflicted Moon not only is in 2nd, but also rules staff and helpers. Beautiful! I almost couldn't ask for more.

Just an observation. If the Moon is further along in Aries, it would make a Grand Trine with Saturn and Pluto, and still be in the 2nd. A day later should do it - 1st December at around the same time (watch that 9th house cusp, make sure it stays in Libra).

The Moon does lose its trine to the MC, MC ruler, MC co-ruler. The only way I can think of to get around this, is to use 'translation of light'. That is, when 2 planets are out of orb, if there is a 3rd planet somewhere in the chart that aspects both of them, then the 2 original planets will be in aspect indirectly. Jupiter could do the job of translation of light. In your other chart as well.

And perhaps Chiron! Right on the Asc too! AND supposedly representing "healing" (though I'm not entirely convinced of this)! Its orb with Mars/MC is a little weak, but both positions are angular and strong enough to pick up those vibes.

The Moon does sextile the Asc, though. That's cool.

but what about saturn and the south node in the seventh? i could overlook all of that if only the 1st and 10th house rulers made an aspect but since they don't, i don't think the chart can work.

SNode now goes into the 8th in Virgo. So what, we all need to pay our taxes and insurance. The liabilities in this business may be more than most. But the NNode is in the 2nd - gains there. You should make enough to comfortably cover your overheads and expenses. Don't forget that Nodes trine/sextile MC.

the thing that attracts me to the nov 29th chart is the moon on the aries point almost partile the mc. since the moon is co-significator and the chart ruler, the 10th house is automatically strengthened. also, the sun and jupiter strengthen the 10th by trining both the moon and mc. the moon trines the sun, which rules the second house, and also trines jupiter, which rules the sixth house of healing (it's a healing as well as an astrology website). by the time it goes through the sign, it will have sextiled neptune and trined venus, saturn, and pluto.

Like I said earlier, don't confuse an electional with a horary. In an electional, it's not necessary to 'progress' the Moon or any planet. Doing that makes it a progression chart and should be read just like one. Look at it as a natal chart. The qualities and conditions of the chart will last throughout the life of the entity.

The 'weight' I see there in your 5th and 6th houses makes me feel that not only will this be an 'entertainment' or 'leisure' kind of activity, but also that you will have a heavy workload. Note that it's not YOU who will be entertained or who regards this as leisure. It is the business itself that will be entertainment and recreation. It will not be taken as seriously as if the key planets were in the 10th. You, in fact, will be overwhelmed with work and with staff or admin problems. In the 29th Nov chart, 6th ruler is Jupiter, which has afflictions from Mars/5th, Saturn/2nd, Uranus/9th. Jupiter also rules 9th of legal matters.

venus rules the fourth and the 11th and sextiles neptune. plus venus is close enough to the cusp of the sixth to have some influence there (money from doing healing work). the part of fortune, though out of sign, applies to a lunar conjunction. those are the good things about the chart.

The POF in the 10.55am chart sits in your 4th. That's where your treasure is. You'd probably be able to get a nice little office or a souped-up computer to do your work in. The fixed assets of the business will gain value and be very valuable over time.

the thing that worries me, and i'd love feedback on this, is that here also the chart ruler (the moon) and the mc ruler (mars) don't make that all-important applying aspect. but it occurred to me that, since the moon is conjunct the mc and is also the chart ruler, perhaps that makes up for it, as the moon conjunct the mc is in mars' sign. is that possible? another real disadvantage in both charts is that saturn and mercury make no applying aspects at all (though mercury trines the north node).

You won't get the whole picture if you just look at the planetary meanings. Their rulerships are far more important. The houses are the 'what', 'who' and 'where', the planets and signs are the 'how' and 'why'.

worse yet, the only applying aspect to uranus in both charts is the square by the sun!

Uranus is a co-ruler. It's only a sidekick, remember? The real nabob is Saturn, and he's strong, though quite tetchy. He wants you to face up to problems and responsibilities squarely and tackle them properly. Try short-cuts and……well, that's why we all hate Saturn. You're just going to learn some hard lessons, no escaping it.

You didn't mention anything about your natal chart. Here's what Vivian Robson says:

Let the radical tenth cusp be the ascendant of the election. Let the lord of the ascendant and the Moon not only be free from affliction, but in sextile or trine to the lords of the tenth and second houses. If possible, let the benefics be angular, and the malefics cadent, but note that if the occupation be ruled by one of the malefics, that malefic should be strong and well placed in the figure."

Look, you can't win 'em all. ESPECIALLY in electionals. I go crazy nuts when doing an electional. I just wonder how people can stand doing them.

Well, good luck!
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