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Re: Please Help me with my daughters chart

Originally Posted by sara31tx
I am having alot of problems with my daughter..I stay stressed out all the time..My daughter has always been very stubborn, but since she is getting closer to starting is getting worse..She does not listen to me at all..She does what she wants..She has become obsessed with celebrities to the point that it's all she talks about now..She told a girl on the bus today that was giving her a hard time that her and her momma can go to is even more shocking is that my daughter tells me this stuff and does not care what my reaction will scares me. If she is like this at 10 years old, I am afraid to see her behavior at 16..She does not like being told what to do at all..Can someone look at her chart and tell me what you see, I am going crazy over
Mama, I agree that you seem like a very caring mother. I took a quick look at the synastry with your daughter, and agree with much of what the others have said.

Scorpios can be very intense, and they are not at all shy about love-sex-death-rebirth topics unless they think this won't be acceptable to others, in which case they become secretive. Scorpios understand themselves by testing the limits of other people. Your daughter is getting to know herself by testing your and your husband's limits. An immature Scorpio actually needs someone to say, "Stop here. This is your limit." This is how they set their "me" and "not me" boundary. Scorpio is a fixed sign, traditionally ruled by Mars and to modern astrologers, by Pluto; both of which are aggressive planets.

With your daughter's Venus (femininity, female sexuality) in Scorpio conjunct her sun, she may well identify [sun] with her female nature [Venus] so anything you can do to make her aware of both the facts of human sexuality as well as the socio-economic consequences of unprotected sex should be advantageous.

So home-wise, hopefully you and your husband can discuss reasonable limits for her and then engage her in this discussion, as she may be more likely to own limits that she has helped establish.

With her 12th house emphasis, your daughter may not be aware of the effect she has on others, as 12th house planets tend to be a mystery to the native, even if they are obvious to observers.

As the parent, you do have to set some standards and stick to them, but realize that it will be her nature to test them. If you pour on your Pisces love and wisdom, however, you should be OK, as your and your daughter's suns (egos) are trined in two very "feeling" signs.

Her Saturn opposes your moon, suggesting that she may unwittingly give you feelings of inadequacy as a mom. Your Mars placements are squared, which suggests sparring with one another. But her moon trines your Venus, suggesting an underlying affection.

If you work through your synastry in this way, hopefully you will see the likely areas of tension as well as the likely areas of harmony; and seek to mitigate the former and to emphasize the latter.

As you already know, the best thing you can do for your child is to love her unconditionally.
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