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Re: Please Help me with my daughters chart

Originally Posted by sara31tx
Here is my chart..I am married to her dad, so I am not a single mom.
Looking at your chart, I can see how much you love your family.
Your 4th house is very full and Piscean, so it is almost your entire world.
Your 5th house of kids has a very late Pisces cusp, but is mostly Aries inside. My interpretation is that you may seem very easy going and permissive towards your kid[s]. But the Aries interception says that hidden below that is some hidden anger perhaps.[ Sun/Mars square] You may accidentally be sending mixed messages, and could be passive/aggressive when trying to parent her. You say everything is fine, and then below the surface you hold some impatience and anger that she can feel.

Maybe her angry words to you are designed to force you out of the Piscean way of ignoring things for too long. The Chiron is there, simmering in Aries in the 5th, urging you to heal that hidden aggression. It may be out of sight, and people may think that you are calm and collected most of the time, but it takes work for you to keep that exterior up and working. :60:

Your daughter seems to be releasing anger and rage that she taps into and triggers from within your own reserves. Your 1st house Neptune may force you to isolate yourself from others so you do not pop a cork, but that frustration and anger is still there.

Maybe this is a journey that you 2 can take together. And if you want to free her up for her puberty cycle, then maybe you can both find ways to work out hidden aggression together.
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