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Re: Please Help me with my daughters chart

Originally Posted by sara31tx
My daughter is very attractive

BINGO. That is what I thought.

"That exact conjunction of Venus and Chiron has me stumped. There is something about physical beauty that she feels hurt by perhaps. Is she extremely attractive. That sun/chiron/venus in Scorpio in 12th with support from Jupiter and mars would indicate physical attraction. So the Chiron is a puzzle. "

What I was trying to get at, was that her attractiveness is kind of difficult at times because she is not yet sure what to do or how to act or how to deal with it all. And the Chiron adds a fear factor to it, because she is often resented by other girls, and even their mothers at times, and it can be overwhelming for her. The easiest thing for her is to lash out.

I have a 16 yr old girl who is very beautiful. And 4th and 5th grade were a difficult time for awhile because of the backlash from others because she had a successful acting and modeling career going on. You would thin k her friends would have been happy for her, but it was not always that way.

The main reason I tell you this is because it was very important for her to learn to work through this stuff with her friends. We did NOT take the easy way out and home school and have her devote her time to her acting/singing etc. She stayed in school, and still worked, but she had to LEARN to make and keep her friends by appropriate reactions to their B.S.

Your daughter having all of that Scorpio stuff [sun/chiron/venus] in the 12th
will be her 'guiding light' or her 'undoing' when puberty finally hits,and it is kind of up to you to help guide her through it all successfully. :60:

As a Scorpio, I can tell you that when a young Scorpionic girl enters puberty, there are all kinds of mixed messages she sends out and receives.
She is dying to try out her new magnetic energy, but also afraid and uncertain. She may find herself in unmanageable , sexually charged, situations and needs your guidance to help navigate through those dangerous waters.

These situations make the young girl feel guilty, even if she does nothing wrong. And there are probably others already trying to label her unfairly.

It may seem a little early for all of this kind of talk, but her chart indicates that her burgeoning sexual energy will be a BIG factor in her adolescence, and it will be worthwhile for the two of you to have a meeting of the minds.

the most important thing will be for you to totally accept her, and her questions, and not to be judgemental because she will easily slip into feeling unfairly treated by you unfortunately.
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