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Re: Please Help me with my daughters chart

Originally Posted by AquariusT
Well, "Where is the Mother" question, is the Moon and that is in the 10th. Conjunct Mars and Squares Pluto. She came in with some harsh hard karma feelings for you. Perhaps you can work it out this lifetime. She is angry with you.

But do you sincerely have no idea why?
I really have no idea..I don't think she is angry with me, because she is this way with her dad as well. My daughter just wants to do her own thing without anyone telling her what to do.She wants to be an adult right We talk alot and everything is good until you tell her to do her homework or take a shower or clean her room, anything that she does not want to will clean her room without any problems, but she wants something in If I do not play her game and give her what she wants, she tells me, well, guess it ain't getting cleaned husband and I are going to sit down and try and figure out what we need to do, and then sit down with my daughter and try and come to an understanding.
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