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Re: Please Help me with my daughters chart

Originally Posted by sara31tx
I am having alot of problems with my daughter..I stay stressed out all the time..My daughter has always been very stubborn, but since she is getting closer to starting is getting worse..She does not listen to me at all..She does what she wants..She has become obsessed with celebrities to the point that it's all she talks about now..She told a girl on the bus today that was giving her a hard time that her and her momma can go to is even more shocking is that my daughter tells me this stuff and does not care what my reaction will scares me. If she is like this at 10 years old, I am afraid to see her behavior at 16..She does not like being told what to do at all..Can someone look at her chart and tell me what you see, I am going crazy over

It may appear that she is pushing you away, but I do not think she wants to. I believe that she wants to see if you will fight for her,and will work for her love.
Her Virgo Moon at the top of her chart may appear to be a verbal bully, and to find fault with everyone and everything, but the squares from Pluto/Merc
indicate that she internalizes much of it, and turns it inward, attacking herself as well. Can she ever measure up to her own high standards? She seems to be looking to you for that loving affirmation, but she may feel like you have pulled away yourself. The Moon at the tip-top of the chart is a long way away from it's natural 4th house home. it is flapping in the wind, uncertain if there is unconditional acceptance and love back home.

You say that she doesn't listen to you anymore, and I can see that, with her first house merc/pluto , she thinks she already knows everything. But she does watch you and she does emulate you in other ways. Are you doing everything that you can do in terms of modeling behavior with others?
I feel that might be the best way to get to her, by example.

It feels to me that she is loaded with resentment. Is there some way in her mind, that you are 'letting her down.' It may even be irrational on her part, but she seems to feel as if you have rejected her, and let her down, even though you have gone to great lengths not to do that.

That exact conjunction of Venus and Chiron has me stumped. There is something about physical beauty that she feels hurt by perhaps. Is she extremely attractive. That sun/chiron/venus in Scorpio in 12th with support from Jupiter and mars would indicate physical attraction. So the Chiron is a puzzle.
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