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Re: Please Help me with my daughters chart

Astrological data are highly sensitive. Therefore ask you to take the protection of your personal data of third persons very seriously. If you wish to post your chart orthe chart of a person known to you, you must have their permission to do so or better still anonymize the name and all birth/personal data. If this is not the case, please refrain from posting this chart.

It would have been helpful if you posted your natal and synastry between you, cos we can only give you half the picture here...

Solar arc Asc is now conj Pluto which is her energy in first house which is the main problem here and if you use 1'approaching, this year exact and next year departing, like you would with transits, the effect will wear off and in 3years time it will conj her Mercury which may help. But as mercury is also square jupiter, this aspect can overtalk and not shut up or keep quiet when it should be talking..

If her time is correct SA MC conj moon age 2.25ish was when she become restless, maybe family moved house??

Her moon is quincunxed uranus
You may have to sort through the "hidden messages" you received as a child in order to make sense out of some of your adult actions. You act, at times, without any forethought. This is because you are driven by forces out of your immediate awareness. Your spontaneous bursts of enthusiasm either serve you well or they don't. Early in life you may have been "told" that you should be different, but, your differences will stop you from succeeding. It takes time and adjustment to really learn that it's okay to be both unique and successful.

Middle August this year T Saturn will conj her natal mars which will cause some frustrations and as her Mars is already square mercury which = argumentativeness. When saturn gets there and squares mercury, she may learn to slow her thoughts and communications down and it should be quite good for studies. Although this will also oppose n Jupiter in 4th and these planets really don't get along too well. has a free six month transit forecaster...

Hope this helps to explain some of her behaviour, but without seeing your chart and the synastry bi wheel cannot comment much further..
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