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Originally Posted by Eric traveller View Post
Wish that I could, I'm currently on mobile and, as I can't get to any wi-fi, that's simply not an option... My chart is posted however several times over and on different threads here.
I'd have to try and link them.

I've recently been figuring with the vedic/the Sidereal charts for a while, and figured out that I actually have a "12th house Sun", which has been concerning me. I suppose that's grounds for a whole new post of concern...but alas, I'm so tired. I'm tired of all of this questioning, searching. It seems, the more answers that I have....the more questions come.
What tf am I supposed to do with a 12th house Sun? Move? And...there is nothing worse and more depressing than a twelfth house placement- especially the sun. What makes it worse is that when I run the vedic charts, most all of them come up with some different results. They are all over the place, because they are using all different system of measurement... It's nuts.
But I can surmise because the majority of house systems place certain planets on, placements uniformly and unanimously, that my Sun is indeed, in the twelfth house.
Maybe that explains why I'm so depressed, and can't seem to fit in whole life.

Vedic charts seem to place a way that eerily and pretty accurately describe the reality of your life. Events, places..whatever. The 12th House sun is just about the saddest thing there is.
I can guarantee it's TRUE also.
As, I've moved all over and grew up overseas, and I can relate the happiest times I've ever, had- were in foreign countries...and away from my family. lifes a huge lost cause.
I feel like I'm cursed. After writing this post - I just want to sink under a blanket with a bottle of booze and not wake up, tomorrow or ever. I'm sick and tired of feeling alone... depressed..and out of sorts and, away from myself &not alive inside. I'm so very tired of this.
When life gives you lemons make lemonade 🥰

If moving away makes your life happy then move away if you can. Have you had a look at your relocation chart?
Do what makes you happy. Life is waaaaay too short! Proof of that is potent right now with this virus. Are you able to move away?
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