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Help with a troublesome Mars in the 4th house.

Can somebody please help me on dealing with this aspect? It seems to be causing me a lot of grief and fighting.
What can I do? Is there something to be said for 'directing the energy' elsewhere, and to a positive frame of mind and/or direction.
The Mars square Venus - Mars in Capricorn exalted and Venus in Libra, on the second house cusp, Venus is not quite trine with the IC aspect but near. Could it somehow "peace over" Mars??? I fight a lot with my Mother and that's painful...and it's causing me a lot of distress and grief...and really affecting me quite negatively; this is a pretty dire situation that needs to be addressed and fixed. I need to do something about this.

And what's the point of Mars placed here? It seems to be pretty useless and bad to me. Am I being punished??? Or am I missing something. is it here to help me grow, and succeed in life, and directing that energy would help me.

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