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Re: My Neptune 5H transit and his 7H Neptune

What happens for you during Neptune's transit of a house has more to do with which of your planets Neptune aspects, and how, during that transit than with which house it is. You might see a hint of the houses involved in the aspect in what happens, but the real meat of it is in the planets. Points, too: if Neptune crosses an angle, that's a significant transit and tends to be reflected in your life.

It also depends on what other transits are happening at the same time. In and of itself, Neptune moving through your fourth house wouldn't have much if anything to do with your mother's death and the general instability in your life. However, if you have any planets in the middle of your fourth house, or in square or opposition to those degrees, Neptune in the middle of your fourth house was a transit, square, or opposition to those planets. That could have been a trigger, and might have brought some fourth house theme into the picture, but it probably was not the only trigger. What kinds of transits were the other planets between Jupiter and Pluto making to your chart during that time?
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