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My Neptune 5H transit and his 7H Neptune

I'm just finishing my 4th house Neptune transit and am nervous about it entering 5th house. Everything I've read suggests troubled relationships and even possible death of child. My bf and my baby are my everything!

My 4th house transit was spot on. Someone had suggested that the worst of it comes in the middle half of the 14 year transit. It coincided with some really unstable periods in my life and a lot of issues with my mother. She's since passed just as the 3rd part of that transit began. has my partner's neptune transitting his 7th house around the time that my neptune enters the 2nd half of its 5th house transit. I know that it could be good, but it seems unlikely. Also there is a history of drug abuse in my family and general escapism for myself included. I dont want to go down that road for my baby's sake. I can see this playing out so many ways. Also I'm struggling to find myself and any inspiration to create a business, so hopefully this transit will help. Any insight is greatly appreciated. I will attach my charts as soon as I figure out how
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