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Re: Does my birth chart show potential in acting?

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
What do you have to lose by taking an acting class?

Worst thing that could happen is you take the class and decide it's not really for you. No harm, no foul. The only way to know is to try.

Acting would have to start as a hobby. If it turned into a career, that would come later. For now, it's just something you want to do. So why not do it?

What you want to do, for fun, is found in your fifth house. You don't have any planets there, so we understand your fifth house through the sign on its cusp and what's going on with its ruler. Leo is the "fun" sign. And the acting sign. Its archetype is the performer.

Sometimes what starts as just fifth house fun turns into a career. Acting might or might not become a career for you, but at the very least, it can be your fun.

But your fifth house ruler suggests that you take fun very seriously. Too seriously, even. Your Sun, which rules Leo, is conjunct Saturn. Saturn is the serious planet. Saturn is burdens. Saturn is commitment, for life and, if possible, beyond. Saturn can't consider anything without regarding it as a lifetime commitment.

With Saturn conjunct your Sun, anything in Sun's domain--for you, that's hobbies--feels extremely serious right off the bat. You can't even contemplate trying out an acting class without assuming you'll make a career of it. That becomes such a big commitment, in your mind, that you're scaring yourself off of doing it. You're not ready to make such a big commitment, and shouldn't be when you don't even know what it will be like for you.

But you do not have to commit to an acting career to try an acting class. Those are different things.
Thanks for the message and your advices. I'll do best for my goals.

I got planet in 5th house and it's Mars.
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