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Re: Will I get this job?

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Apologies, I'm not sure if we are in a language misunderstanding here.
Your upper case and exclamation marks are very adamant!

My original observation on the chart included this reference: "You as Venus are in your own sign, however at 15 libra you are at the beginning of the via combusta, not a favourable place to be in. "

Dear Elena .I already understood the way you said that ...and this is why i told you that via combusta has to do with the moon in horary...

I maintain this is a valid consideration. A planet, ascendent and nodes can be in the Via Combusta and influenced negatively by it, as well as the moon.

According to the ancients “Via Combusta” exerted a malefic influence, particularly for the Moon in one's natal chart.In antiquity libra was actually part of the constellation scorpio and Claudius Ptolemy refers to the constellation of libra as ‘the Claws of the Scorpion’. It has always been regarded as an ominous area of the chart throughout the ages. Ancient worried about any planet arriving at this point, symbolically caught in the scorpion’s claws. Via Combusta is Latin for “the burning way” and generally refers to the first fifteen degrees of the sign of Scorpio. Other astrologers have extended Via Combusta to include the last fifteen degrees of the sign of Libra and/or the entire sign of Scorpio.Modern astrologers have speculated that the negative influence of the signs of Libra and Scorpio, specified as Via Combusta, had its origins in antiquity when many of the malefic fixed stars were located in those two signs.A more insightful explanation used by the ancients considering the influence of Libra and Scorpio as malefic is suggested by Al Biruni: Libra is the Fall of the Sun while Scorpio is the Fall of the Moon. Furthermore, these two signs contain the two malefics. Libra is the Exaltation of Saturn (Greater Malefic); Scorpio (by classical ruler, contains Mars (Lesser Malefic).Libra marks the start of the Autumn Equinox when the sun’s power wanes but both lights are affected in the signs that contain the via combusta. The sun is in fall in libra, the moon in scorpio. This area is opposite their exaltation signs of aries and taurus.Further uncongeniality is emphasised if we recall that libra is the exaltation of saturn and scorpio is the domicile of mars. The greater and lesser lights are overcome by the greater and lesser malefics. The power of the luminaries is weakened hence this area’s link with danger. Because the sun and moon represent one’s life force and soul respectively, anything that diminishes or obscures them should definitely be avoided.As the moon is the most essential celestial body in Horary, is always considered a bad omen for the outcome or the interpretation of any question to find it on Via Combusta. Moon can’t perform properly here, is unlucky, distressed and unpredictable. We are warned by Lilly, Al Biruni and Bonati to defer judgment when Moon is in Via Combusta as Moon is afflicted. Culpeper writes “beware of the end of Libra and the beginning of Scorpio” and Gadbury elaborates that “things go unluckily on and the astrologer should understand the question perfectly avoiding a poor judgment”( “strictures against judgment”.) ...etc

But since you claim that as a valid consideration to regard in this specific chart venus in libra influenced by via-combusta can you please elaborate on the relevant traditional sources ?for example lilly or others...etc

The querent confirmed this state, "Venus approaching Via combusta is definitely exactly how I feel at the moment: lacking motivation for the current job and quite desperate to get out of it...", which is a fairy accurate description of Via Combusta. Not very satisfied with her current position but not quite sure where to go from here.

The querent confirmed that she feels that way, not that this situation is caused by via combusta!And i wrote before why the querent feels that way...simply because moon (her feelings) has venus in her fall...venus is under the beams ..etc

Virgo on the other hand is a worker, and doesn't relate to this state of mind.
Also, I've used moon as the matter asked about, I haven't assigned it to the querent, who is Venus.

The job is always a 10th house issue according to traditional horary.Never 6th.The 6th house relates to unpleasant events, illnesses, querent's employees, etc...Some modern authors though assign the job to the they use also outer planets while traditionally pluto neptune..uranus are treated as fixed stars and only in conjunction with relevant cusps or planets in the specific context the moon is also querent's co-significator if is available in the specific context

"but i guess you saw someone else referring to that mayby on a relevant asc on libra...many do this .."
I'm not quite sure what you are referring to here, I haven't seen a thread on this. Have you?

I just pointed out that many people tend to make such a statement when they see for example asc on libra on 15* or in the middle between 15*libra to 15*scorpio ...simply because they assume that these degrees affect planets or nodes ...exactly as you said...and i have seen this quite often

At any rate, your comment about Venus being under sun's beams, although it is a wide orb, is true and reconfirms the querent's state of mind.
orb and moitie has nothing to do with horary.This is why Lilly gives two different lists of the sizes of the planets' orbs, saying he uses whichever he happens to remember...In horary, we are concerned mainly with planets exactly aspecting each other. In addition...A planet within 17 and a half degrees of the Sun is said to be "under the beams". It is less serious than the combustion, and we should again consider the degree of affliction by taking into account the distance from the Sun and whether it is approaching or this chart venus is simply under the beams...and is worth noticing also that venus disposes sun she has power over sun and she can bear the king

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