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Re: Will I get this job?

Originally Posted by Aria Venue View Post
My dear Elena i am afraid is pretty accurate!!!!! via combusta refers to the moon and only to the moon!!!!!In this chart we dont have the moon in via combusta and you claim that because venus is at libra and a the degree where via combusta starts then...venus is on the burning road.This is totally different from what the via-combusta is.You said it by yourself...the MOON!!!! AND HERE YOU SPEAK ABOUT VENUS...but i guess you saw someone else referring to that mayby on a relevant asc on libra...many do this ..still this is not accurate

And of cource then we must open discussion about the via combusta term and why is affecting the moon in the first place.The definitions of where Via Combusta begins and where it ends differ in old texts.The origin of the meaning of Via Combusta is also unclear..etc
Apologies, I'm not sure if we are in a language misunderstanding here.
Your upper case and exclamation marks are very adamant!

My original observation on the chart included this reference: "You as Venus are in your own sign, however at 15 libra you are at the beginning of the via combusta, not a favourable place to be in. "
I maintain this is a valid consideration. A planet, ascendent and nodes can be in the Via Combusta and influenced negatively by it, as well as the moon.
The querent confirmed this state, "Venus approaching Via combusta is definitely exactly how I feel at the moment: lacking motivation for the current job and quite desperate to get out of it...", which is a fairy accurate description of Via Combusta. Not very satisfied with her current position but not quite sure where to go from here.
Virgo on the other hand is a worker, and doesn't relate to this state of mind.
Also, I've used moon as the matter asked about, I haven't assigned it to the querent, who is Venus.
"but i guess you saw someone else referring to that mayby on a relevant asc on libra...many do this .."
I'm not quite sure what you are referring to here, I haven't seen a thread on this. Have you?
At any rate, your comment about Venus being under sun's beams, although it is a wide orb, is true and reconfirms the querent's state of mind.
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