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Re: Will I get this job?

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
"Also since you referred to Via Combusta....this term is relevant *only* for the Moon. It doesn't affect any other planets. "

Sorry, this isn't accurate.
When the moon in a horary chart is in via combusta the chart might be invalidated or the outcome negative, because the moon is considered the "timer" of events relating to the matter.
However, any planet, even the ascendent can be in via combusta, where it is weakened and depending on aspects it can be considered to be unfortunate, especially in the case where the planet is one of the significators of the question.
My dear Elena i am afraid is pretty accurate!!!!! via combusta refers to the moon and only to the moon!!!!!In this chart we dont have the moon in via combusta and you claim that because venus is at libra and a the degree where via combusta starts then...venus is on the burning road.This is totally different from what the via-combusta is.You said it by yourself...the MOON!!!! AND HERE YOU SPEAK ABOUT VENUS...but i guess you saw someone else referring to that mayby on a relevant asc on libra...many do this ..still this is not accurate

And of cource then we must open discussion about the via combusta term and why is affecting the moon in the first place.The definitions of where Via Combusta begins and where it ends differ in old texts.The origin of the meaning of Via Combusta is also unclear..etc
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