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Re: Will I get this job?

the job is a strong dignified saturn!!!! l11 is also saturn(payment)
your sigs are venus and moon.venus in her domicile and exalts saturn , while she has mars in her detriment (mars perspective rivals, ..or the job's boss...etc),mars by the way has essential dignity only from term, while accidentally is in his joy.Also since you referred to Via Combusta....this term is relevant *only* for the Moon. It doesn't affect any other planets. the reason you feel the way you said is because of your moon's placement in virgo.(look how moon feels about venus in virgo!!!!) and remember that venus is under the beams, so she cant see clearly the whole situation...anyway.moon also has not much power to act (slow as oriental, not in her halb...etc)..though she has dignity from triplicity...and saturn(the job) though has moon in his detriment receives her from triplicity
moon trines saturn so yes it seems that you have good chances on getting that job. Regarding moon's aspect to mars..i guess that mars may trouble you a bit..generally speaking, mars is regarded as malefic and of course as venus in libra you have him in your detriment, while saturn the job exalts him.So i guess you wont like much mars=according to this context probably the boss..but soon mars is about to enter his detriment in libra and in venus domicile

Good luck to you !!!

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