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Re: Will I get this job?

Having gotten it wrong once, dare I try again?
You as Venus are in your own sign, however at 15 libra you are at the beginning of the via combusta, not a favourable place to be in. You are in the 6th of the job but not ruling the house, sort of unofficially sitting there.
The job as 6th is mercury, already passed over Venus and squaring pluto, making no other aspects.
The employer is mars, who makes no aspect in this chart, although mercury (6th ruler) will reach a semi-sextile with mars, which is very weak and there is no mutual reception.
Saturn is strong by sign, on the MH that it rules, but conjunct the south node.
Venus separates from a square to Saturn but applies to a square with pluto, also on the MH.
Before the pluto square, Venus will sextile Jupiter, who rules 8th of the employers assets as well as the 12th. Jupiter also opposes your 2nd of income. Will you be offered a job off the books?
Moon is closing in on a trine with Uranus conjunct the ascendent, from the 5th, and then moves to a trine with Saturn MH.
Sun opposes Chiron exactly.
So, you Venus, weak, approach fortunate Jupiter, who however is not a significator of the job.
The Uranus/moon trine is puzzling, but Uranus is the planet of unexpected events.
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