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Re: How does he feel?

He's not thinking much about it at all.
If he is sun, 7th, he is void and out of the situation.
If he is mercury, 5th of love affairs, he is going to square you, Saturn conjunct south node, in your 12th, so not favourable. He isn't very interested.
Moon has changed signs, just, and shows a new picture of the situation.
Moon will trine him as mercury, but first reaches Venus, ruler of his 5th of love affairs situated in his 4th of endings.
You leave the conjunction with south node, indicating this wasn't in reality the best type of situation for you, and approaches a sextile with Neptune on your 2nd. If you look inside yourself, your subconscious (which is your Saturn in your 12th) you will come to a positive conclusion (trine) on a spiritual level (mystical Neptune), that will boost your self-esteem.
Try to listen to and follow your instincts.
Whatever it was in the relationship that dragged you down is shown also by Chiron in the 2nd of self-esteem that had opposed Venus of love and affection in your 8th. Perhaps this was just a passing physical attraction?
He as mercury, and Venus as his endings, will also square the nodes, showing the relationship wasn't a good fit for him either.
Build on what you learn from this, and use it for the next relationship.
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