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Any indicators of infidelity / divorce in my chart?

Hi all, I am curious whether I have any indicators of infidelity / divorce in my chart because though my Sun is in Cancer, my Venus and Mars are both in Gemini. Venus does something really annoying in the summer months of the year I was born (1996), it keeps going in retrograde and if I remember correctly it doesn't settle into Cancer until well into Leo or possibly even Virgo. I was born prematurely, had I been born at the scheduled date I would be a Virgo. What makes me curious about my chart regarding the possibility of me being unfaithful / going through one or more than one divorce is that though I have Venus and Descendant in Gemini, I see several mitigating factors:

-Ruler of 7th (Mercury) in 7th house but in Cancer-could this mean that though I do appreciate someone I can talk to, deep down what I really need is family and stability?

-Mercury in 7th conjunct Sun (11.45 degrees Cancer) in 7th-

-Venus (11.48 degrees Gemini) sextile Saturn (7.12 degrees Aries)

-Venus in a house ruled by an earth sign (6th house)

-Venus Sextile Juno

-Moon Sextile Juno

-Moon Trine Venus with moon also in a house ruled by an earth sign (2nd house)

-Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter Square Saturn-T-square giving me conservative, even somewhat rigid tendencies when it comes to morals?

-Venus Opposition Ascendant (conjunct Descendant)

None of my personal planets have any aspects, positive or negative, to Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto.
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