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Re: Mid-20's and Single for 5 Years...

as to relationships , your venus is at 12gemini17 . the node will square this on october 5th. you will have a loving and attractive aura and I would expect some suitors as well.
your eros/venus conjunction is at 16pisce4 so this should be the beginning of a period when you are attractive as the south node is conjunct this midpoint on june 19th. actually you could be quite magnetic so be discriminating.
the midpoint of the sun/Saturn square(insecurity and introversion) is at 19pisces38 .this is square to your eros at 19sag51.

I would have thought there was some "romantic" incident when the node was square to your eros on may 10th. but you likely did not acknowledge the possibility because of the Saturn/sun square which the node transited on may 17th. actually it seems you were somewhat depressed around the 17th as there may have been some new obstructions in your life

so it looks as if ther couldbe some romantic enounters fairly shortly.

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