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Mid-20's and Single for 5 Years...

Hi All,

I'm in my mid-twenties and have been single for 5 years. Seems like a long while to me (I am now 25). I was wondering, is there any hope ** for me to find love this year? I feel like something may be coming... and I feel ready for a relationshp... but it is hard for me to commit... I heard I have odd relationship aspects, like I am into nonconventional relationships. Can anybody adhere to that?

Also, any ideas what they may look or be like? Any certain signs that I should focus on more, after viewing my chart and aspects?

Any help or insight is appreciated,


*attached is my natal chart with transits, please let me know if I need to upload any other charts (I didn't know how to find one with my birth chart and current planetary placements)
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