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Re: Natal Chart for a younger friend

You friend has a very strong chart in some ways with several domiciled planets (in the sign they rule.) These are sun, moon, Mercury, and Uranus.

Her big concentration of planets in the 7th house, including her sun and moon, mean that a permanent relationship is very important to her, whether she is in one at the moment or not. I hope she can recognize that not every potential partner will want or will even be capable of her same level of investment in a relationship. 7th house suns feel most like themselves when they are in a strong, deeply involved relationship. The key will be to give the romantic partner enough space to be themselves.

Despite that strong sun in Leo, establishing a clear sense of self may be difficult, with the sun opposite Neptune, Leo as an intercepted sign, and Capricorn rising. She may give the outward impression of being much more reserved than she feels inside. With Venus square Saturn, she may feel that she doesn't look attractive.

She probably looks fine, it's just that she probably doesn't think so.

Your friend's north node of personal growth is in the 5th house of children and recreation. One or both of these areas of life will help expand her life as she moves into adulthood.
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