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Thumbs up Robert Redford

Here is our friend Robert Redford,
the true Leonian redhaired superhero!

Robert is a good Moon squ. Jupiter person! He believes in high ideals only! Furthermore his Sun is almost unaspected, he is very proud and glorious!
A strong Saturnian person he is. He has Saturn as a singleton on the ascendant! So he is deeply dark, mysterious, career-forward and supernaturally forceful! This Saturn is totally aspected! (Moon Mercury)
This guy could be a food master in the afterlife!
His ascendant is almost aries, so he can look red! (Indeed)
Furthermore his Sun in 6th house means he needs to work all the time! Mars is in the 6th house more or less,
so his love life is very generous!

Moon - Mercury signifies a strong psychological person!
Its near venus, so he can have a boat!

Moon is near the 7th house cusp, so he can be full of relationship partners!

His late ascendant means he is total generosity in person!

Robert Redford

mystical actor
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