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Re: Progressed moon conjunct uranus - does it really send a person kooky?

I don’t see any evidence that this progression will send you ‘kooky.’ Look at the relationship between the Moon and Uranus in your natal. The Moon trines much of that Scorpio stellium in the 4th. And there are no tense, difficult aspects to your natal Moon that will be set off by this progression. Uranus does have a square but it is to Jupiter in the 12th. I think it will be more about the urge to travel, physically, spiritually or emotionally.

Uranus rules the 7th house. The Moon rules the 12th. Natal Moon is in 11th and Uranus in the 4th. Will you expand your horizons? Forge new relationships? Make plans to ove to new home? The pr Moon will continue on to the Mars/Venus. So I am wondering if it will be relationship stuff.

If you are looking to rekindle a spark or two, this will be a good time.

I think the reason they speak about 'food' is that the Moon rules nourishment, food and the stomach. So connecting to Uranus sometimes opens up new connections to food. Sometimes a new diet or new type of 'favorite' food is discovered .

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