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Re: Passion for History/Past Life Connections in Natal Chart?

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
I can't speak to a past life connection, but lets look at your life now. Saturn-ruled Capricorn loves the past, a 12th house sun in Sagittarius would probably love ferreting around old books and documents in the library (a solitary pursuit) and Jupiter in the 8th quintile Mars and square Pluto would probably be highly motivated to dig out old secrets.

You might be interested in this thread:

See especially the references to the books by Jim Tucker and astrologers who have written about past lives.

BTW, if you've followed the discovery of the skeleton of Richard III, you might enjoy this classic mystery novel: Josephine Tey, Daughter of Time.
Thanks,and thanks for the reference <3 Yes, I'm seeing that a lot of my Capricorn/12th House involvement makes a lot of sense in terms of my love of history, constant learning about the past, and just a general need to feel closer to it. Actually, I've thought about being an archivist. I've had great experiences holding and touching relics and documents of the past and ... there's a certain rush to it, as well as comfort (talk about being close to history itself!) ...and often, I can find myself obsessing over finding out new things or trying to find the primary source to something I find questionable or interesting.
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