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Re: Passion for History/Past Life Connections in Natal Chart?

Originally Posted by ashriia View Post
I'll jump in with a guess or two.

"love of history" - with so many planets found in capricorn occupying your 1st... perhaps that is why. Capricorn/Saturn loves the traditional/past/structure. More interestingly, is your South Node conjunct POF. POF is therefore is smack on your nodal axis. The nodal axis is responsible for many karmic events. Might be very interesting to study your nodes further. This is a great site for insights on what the nodes in aspect to specific planets/points entails..

But in general, outer planets are considered heavily karmic, past life issues brought forth to get worked out in this life. But then again, everything in one's natal chart is karmic really.
Thanks so much! Yes, since I've learned a bit about the nodes being involved w/karma and/or past lives, I've been studying them a little further. There is definitely something there.
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