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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation

Rosie, I replied to the invite. Hope you received it. I'd definitely be interested.


Thank you, and thanks to others who are PMing me. Aquariusville opens it's doors in another couple days! It will be administrated (at first at least) by a circle of 3-5 astrologer grandmas (and at least one astral Pisces grandma, with an Aquarium Moon!)! I am no gooorooo. Rather I am the first Space Holder of Aquariusville - no more no less. I'm hardly the best astrologer (Chiron is) and I love being upstaged by people more awake than I am. I am forever a student/teacher.

Beginners will get lots of help interpreting their scope from astrologers at all levels in Aquariusville - we all will. We all deserve good practical readings.

And Aquariusville assignments/projects are all optional but designed to help us access our talents, syncronicity and cosmic assistance, and understand and heal ourselves, thus teaching ourselves and our community Troprical Astrology.

That said, I will still do free readings on this forum and keep this thread up for as long as led.

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