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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation

I grew up from a quite religious mom.I would always follow a certain rule when it comes to my beliefs and traditions.But when I turned 16 something happened

Moon Over Rising by Oriel

Your story is so Pisces, in content and FEEL. Really lovely and honest and real and Neptunian, yet somehow so CLEAR.

...coming from a strict religious Mom/home and being oppressed by hard times, and being psychic. Honey. I'm sending hugs back to the girl you were. She turns out very well.

We get born into these heavy boot-camps - all of us. Except they are different. Some were ignored, some beaten, some used as sex objects and some forced to be mute, some forced to perform, some were given no choices, some were raised to be bullies...

How many really choice womb placements are there at any moment in human history? All Moms are human, that is, we are Primates - so good luck on getting a superior one. They are rare by definition.

Worse yet, all human men are Primates too. I personally do NOT want to live in an Ape body and under authoritarian Alpha Ape rules. Sooo not me.

That all said, I experience that we are actually all big balls of Light, and that we are very big and advanced souls (at least beyond desiring to be Alpha Apes, and/or their Bimbos) and we CAN and should run these bodies in more humane/human ways.

We have Helpers too. Read the Near Death Experience site ( about what people write about being on the otherside. You will find that instead of any religion being wrong, they are saying they are all right!

Religions can all be mis-used as well, and have been mis-used and are being mis-used - ala old Pisces.

In the Age of Aquarius the best religion is the one that works best for you. Pisces people working to bring in the Age of Aquarius are pure gold, so helpful and needed.

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