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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation


YODS are amazing and 7th House Gemini Moons are uh... delightful, faery-like, empathetic, therapeutic, and TELEPATHIC.

This explains a lot. I have had a lot of telepathic instances. Always fun.

Just ask. Gemini Moons need to harness their minds via mantra or affirmations of truth. "Everything is always in perfect timing and I am being shown my next step."

Repeat truths like this to yourself as constantly as you can. When you start to go into fear, remind yourself everytime, "I joyfully choose Love over Fear, truth over false beliefs..."

I've started recently doing these exercises. I hope they work!

As always with your T Squared scope, think Pisces 4th house. Prayer works. Meditation is good. Listening to music that inspires you is good. Working with angels is fun.

Kind of with the same thought as ^^^. I've been doing that before bed mainly. Music, daily and almost always on...I'm a music addict, always have been, haha. But recently started praying again, saying those kinds of beliefs, hoping for better clarity.

It's crazy what you can miss in a couple days of being away from the computer! So strange that Ankhesenamun are going through such similar transitions. Obviously, hers of a higher intensity. But, in the same kind of boat, being in between homes, higher levels of awareness/dreams, etc. I don't know if you feel the same way, but for me, learning what I have seems to have given me more emotional stability. I'm not worrying, like I would have been prior, but I'm not complacent either. It's like you said, Rosie, it's a trust that what needs to happen to strengthen myself inward, will eventually balance, and in turn, I'll be in an even better state, when the end of what feels like a mess of a situation finally ceases.

I went to an outside, camping music thing my friends held. Almost didn't go, but then I thought about us talking about Aries in 5th house and it seemed like I should do it. Glad I did, feel like I needed that. And it was actually really exciting, because I met someone there who actually knew of astrology beyond the extent most do. He started bringing up the dawning of the Aquarius age, and I was like, 'Yes! I know exactly what you're talking about!' I'm sure my enthusiasm was funny, but it's a rarity to walk into people who understand and are able to have these types of conversations with, when everyone else looks at you as though you're a crazy, gypsy lady. Not that it usually shuts me up, regardless. Our thoughts on everything and our backgrounds were very similar. Both being raised in a really religious household, we were saying how we thought of the bible as the book all dedicated to the Pisces age (which I *think* has been posted on this thread before, can't remember), and Armageddon not being an end to the actual world (or in the case of the beliefs I grew up being taught it was an end to times as they are now, destruction of evil, and a new system here on Earth being established in place of it, but in complete human perfection, like in the days of Adam and Eve before having sinned), but the end of Pisces. And if that's the case, the Bible would be outdated (many say so now, anyway, because of its physical age), but in an actual astrological/spiritual sense, would literally be outdated, meaning the book to be of nothing but a history book for reflection. And where would you go from there if your beliefs in astrology didn't exist?
I was even thinking about the Christianity teachings I did grow up with, like the statement I just made above, and it's weird to me how even religion almost ties in with astrology. It's like the thinking is on a similar track (a beginning, rebirth, etc. Even reincarnation, a lot of religions teach against it, but how is dying and becoming an angel, or dying and later being resurrected in human form, any different? It's all a matter of being in one form and later a different form/vessel), but so different in HOW and WHAT it actually means as we shift with what can't be controlled. So, having these types of conversations with someone outside cyber space was a fun aspect, in addition to the camping and music, too.

I haven't gotten a chance to check out the near-death experience websites yet, by the way. Or all of the house descriptions, only the 8th have I read through with the busyness past couple days. So hoping in the morning before class to get to read the other houses.

And I just wrote another book Sorry!
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