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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation


You have an amazing scope! And that horoscope for the "God event" IS absolutely beautiful.

Soooo, assuming that there IS a Great Horoscope Caster, a Source, a Divine One, then you are being led and protected. In so many ways, the worse is OVER. Pluto in the sky in your 12th House? Remember not everyone on earth gets to experience this one. Nor Pluto transitting your Rising, which will bring you a whole new transformed life.

Notice how Pluto is already over your amazing Cap stellium in the 12th etc.

Now having your Natal Pluto on your Midheaven makes you VERY intense in the workplace. Working for yourself is much better anyway.

Chiron in the 6th is the mark of a healer! You have healing hands, BIG TIME! Ever given an astrology reading?

PS: I have been reading about Brazil protests....
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