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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation


I'm so happy to read your words! Yes! Now you tell that baby every day of his life, even when he is "difficult" and you are weary, that he is the best thing that ever happened to you. You do each other proud.

And yes, you-all Pluto in Scorpio people have so much big cosmic stuff happening to you!

Like how Jupiter just went over your Chiron while you have been allowing us to look at your scope here on this amazing thread. Gives me goose bumps.

And we have been studying T Squares, ala you and VirGem89, and you both are teaching astrology to yourselves, me and others in the most wonderful ways. Chiron and Pisces Grandmas be praised!

But both of you are still in transition, as symbolized by being back living with your parents. The transformations are not over yet. You are still moving.

Next step is to get you, and your brothers, into a safer, saner reality. You, as a young, divorcing Mom, qualify for all sorts of programs. Call a hot-line. I want you and you baby and your brothers away from you father, who is very dangerous. Don't worry about your Mom. Children are not here to save their parents. Your son has not been born to save you either, and he won't have to!

Now I am asking everyone here to send you strength and LIGHT. I trust Jupiter conjunct Chiron energy - don't you? BIG Chiron - big healing, warrior, magician, artist, astrologer JUJU! Wear red. Wear shiny jewelry. Wear pictures of lions or Leo symbols.

Do not join the military to get away from home, you were born on a battlefield. Set your sites on the excitement of a nice peaceful and happy life someday soon with a kind and loving mate.

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