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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation

Originally Posted by RosieOne View Post

Need more information. Deep transformation in a spiritual sense? Do tell.

Moon over Rising and Vertex in 8th?
I grew up from a quite religious mom.I would always follow a certain rule when it comes to my beliefs and traditions.But when I turned 16 something happened it's quite very personal.I got sick and I begin to question things about myself,my belief ,about life,God and existence.
I began seeking answers to my questions.It's quite a hurtful transformation because we were having financial problems that time plus my health problems and a family problem.It was like hell.I was so down.I kept asking why things like these are happening..At first I thought it was some kind of punishment or what for something that I don't know.
But now looking back if those things didn't happen I wouldn't get my answers in life that I've been asking myself.
Plus I started having heightened psychic experiences.I began having series of lucid dreaming and OBE's.I also attracted a negative entity during that time that I had to call on an expert to make it go away..scary..But that's another story

For instance, once a month the Moon crosses your Rising, so mark those dates and write about what happens for that 2 1/2 days.

That's what you told me before so now I'm writing about it
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