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Re: Questions I have...

If you are generating long lists of data, you are not advanced enough as an astrologer to consider the meaning of said data. Again the leading cause of astrologer confusion is information overload. Advanced astrologers get lost in the infinitude of details too - when the stuff that really HELPS people is very simple.

Thus I am not at all in the mood to explain what mid-points are, much less tell you, cookbook style, what a hundred different mid-points might mean.

That's fine. I apologize for just posting midpoints without being very clear or specific as to why I posted them. I don't expect you or anyone else to decipher them, rather I posted them in case you or anyone else wanted to use them in an example if it was needed. Regardless, I understand exactly where you're coming from. My intention was not to generate some list and throw it at people, but I suppose thats how it came across. I just hope I don't come across as arrogant or appearing to come off as attempting to receive a free full astrological reading. That is not why I'm here.

Talk to me again, when you can just glance at a scope and pretty much know what it might be like to be that person.

Will do. When I've looked at other charts on the forum, for example, I can definitely tell what kind of a person the individuals are. The professionals replying to the individuals chart are my validation. I don't consider myself an advanced astrologer though by far.

Huh? Planets are the archetypes. Signs are how they express. Houses are where they express. Aspects are how the planets/archetypes connect, interact, and communicate.

I tried to make that question as clear as possible, but I knew it might sound a bit confusing in writing. You basically answered my question and clarified what I was already thinking. Thank you.
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