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Re: Questions I have...

According to astrology, humanity experiencing new levels of awareness and capacity, humans coming under the power of new (but ancient) archetypes, is syncronistically linked to the discovery of new planets etc. Once discovered astrologers watch the first orbit of the new planet or asteroid to understand what changes the new energy is bringing in. Chiron was discovered in 1977 and it take 50 years to go around the Sun once. That will happen in 2027.

Yet Chiron has already completely revolutionized astrology. Not done yet either!

You are particularly marked as one of Chiron's Knights. According to astrology you were trained up in past lives as 1. healer 2. teacher 3 artist/magician 4. warrior and 5 astrologer. Bottomline, you need to be all those things this life too. And because you mastered all the above in past lives, you will re-learn very fast.

I do charge money for my services as an astrologer. But I am here on this forum to teach astrologer freely. The Uranus/Pluto Square in the sky is hitting my 9th and 12th Houses and it is my 2nd Saturn Return, so here I am.

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