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Re: Questions I have...

Hello Logansrun.

Pluto in the 7th may seem like a curse (but) it can also be shaped into a blessing(like all Plutonian matters). Since your PL is also the ruler of the seventh house and positioned in it's own sign, it's effects should be quite strong. In common ways, it's an indication of severe trust issues concerning your "chosen ones". Either you attract the kind, or you yourself project fears of infidelity and loss on to others and suffer painful delusions that play games with your intuition and mind. What you need to do, is explore your subconsciousness and bring those fears to your conscious mind where you can willfully observe what you feel and basically teach yourself how to control those emotions. You are still young (So am I, but still 8 years does make a difference ). You will probably sting yourself quite a few times more, but with constant effort you could, at some point in the future, have wonderful relationships and feel like a better person than you ever thought you could be. That's the gold of Pluto.

Maybe someone else can answer your other questions, because I don't have much time at the moment. I'll try to remember your thread when I do. I'm not very experienced in astrology, but my Pluto is also extremely potent and I'm going to great lengths to understand my own frustrations.

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