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Re: Questions I have...

I do have some other questions, but I figure this post is lengthy enough at this time. I would really appreciate if some of you took the time to answer.

Being an 11th House Aquarius you ask really intense and deep questions. I am sure this is not the first time you have given people PAUSE when asking them questions.

Lucky for you, I too am an 11th House Aquarius and you have challenged me! Be sure to read the Capricorn Uranus Neptune Generation thread. It is all about you.

Questions I have:

1) What's up with Pluto in the 7th house?? Am I doomed (for lack of a better term) to intense relationships (love, business, friendships, etc) for the rest of my life?

Yes, you will always have super deep and intense connections and suck at small talk. I like that about you. Very sexy.

Based on what you all see elsewhere in my chart, is there any way I can curb the energy coming from Pluto and the 7th house for the betterment of myself relationship-wise?

Absolutely! Pluto energy is so powerful that it shoots across our scopes - if it is flowing correctly. Work on becoming intensely stable and grounded by knowing yourself very well. Spend quality alone time everyday where you slow down and mull things over - long walks are very good. Be in tune with NATURE. In the winter sit in your den alone next to a roaring fire and read a book. In the summer sit on your porch by yourself and sip lemonade. In the Spring plant a garden. Don't buy junk, rather buy a few really good and well crafted tools. TAURUS.

2) It appears as if the planets in my charts reside mostly in the 9th, 10th, and 11th house amongst other houses that are included.

Yes, most of the archetypes dancing within you this life are interested in worldly things, higher mind and learning and exploring/travel (9th), your calling/career (10th) and paradigm shifting and bringing in a better world (11th). But you are super Chrionic - again, read the Cap Uranus Neptune Generation thread.

Do planets that are in the same house (such as Sun & Mercury residing in the 11th house together) cause conflict or are they generally harmonious?

Both. Every energy in astrology can be expressed/used well or badly. Aquarium Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces in the 11th is fantastic! You are very smart and ask really great questions! Intuitive and psychic too. Idealistic. The down side is that you might actually think you ARE you thoughts and they can get misty. You must be quite entertaining while drunk - but silly. Best not to go there.

And people's ego dramas can bore you to DEATH! Soon as you hear the same story from the same person three times you are gone gone or, at best, way philosophical. Your intimates may not always appreciate this about you.

On the same note, how does the Sun and Mercury work together in the 11th house and with the rest of my chart?

It makes you learn astrology really really fast so that you understand that this question is too big.

3) Based off my chart, am I/will I be financial secure for the majority of my life? I know in everyones chart there are always astrological conflicts, but when I look at my chart I see some planets and aspects that say I'll be secure and then the complete opposite of that. Such as 2nd House Cusp in Gemini saying that I'll be great with money and financially secure yet I also have Jupiter in the 5th house which suggests I could become something of a gambler and waste money.

Gemini 2nd House certainly means you will use your brain to make money. And yes, you COULD become a gambler. But your Jupiter is in Virgo, so probably not. You will certainly take well calculated risks at times, but that is a good thing if done right ala Virgo.

To be successful, follow your Midheaven.

4) Can anyone interpret 'North Node Trine Ascendant' and how it relates to the rest of my chart?

Of course! You incarnated in with the Taurus Rising Tribe here to create, produce, direct and act in a Taurus life movie.

Your North Node is your Soul's Intention this life and in Capricorn it means you are here to become an authority, and to leave something concrete behind you when you go, something that will help future generations.

The Trine between them means they work in tandem and harmony.

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