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Originally Posted by sapphire12 View Post
I have Progressed moon conjunct my natal uranus in two months time and I don't know much about it. There's hardly anything that has been written about this progression, and the very little there is, there seems to be conflicting interpretations. Some astrologers reckon it's a highly emotional time for the native; others say it sends one literally kooky while some say it can be a very exciting time. And one interpretation that I read said food will be more important to a person than ever before, which sounds a bit weird. I'm not sure what interpretation to believe but I'm very interested in knowing how it will affect me.

Personally, I'm very much craving excitement at the moment as it's been an incredibly dull and disappointing year for me so far compared to the previous few years. I've also lost a lot self-confidence and a bit of my spark.

So how will this progression affect me and what areas of my life is it likely to impact?

Please find my chart for September below. Thanks in advance for your insights.
How was it for you? I already have Progressed Moon in parallel aspect to natal Uranus. And I can feel my mind turning upside down. What's it been like for you?

Progressed Moon will parallel Nep AND conjunct it.

It will parallel Sun & conjunct it.

It will parallel Mercury & conjunct it.

It will parallel Jupiter & conjunct it.

It will parallel Midheaven & conjunct it.
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