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Re: Help reading a natal chart, outlining major planets and driving aspects

Mercury/Sun is not far from an angle (IC) and this is square Neptune which is not far from an angle (Descendant), so that is a good place start, and it will be a dominant force to which other indications may bow.

There are other prominent things that demand to be analyzed. Saturn is opposed As/Mc midpoint which is quite similar to Saturn conjunct either the Ascendant or the Mc. There is a Grand Trine Moon/Ascendant/Pluto. Some sticklers will insist that "grand trine" is the wrong description. To that I say, one trine linked to another and then another to return to the starting point. I welcome aspects to the angles, and it would be unwise to ignore such things, and so I consider it a grand trine.

Mercury-square-Neptune is prominent and critical. Sun is involved too. You are wily and slippery. With Sun near, you are a bit self-centered, and you may entertain beliefs about yourself too much.

With Saturn opposed As/Mc, you have survived a difficult life to this point. You were disadvantaged in very significant ways. Any public life may come at the price of difficulties. With this combined with Mercury-square-Neptune, you struggle to articulate. With this and an angular Sun, you have tendency to a kind of preening overconfidence that is designed to compensate for your inhibitions, but which is seldom convincing to others. You may have many older friends, and you may marry a partner who is older.

The Grand Trine Moon/Ascendant/Pluto suggests that you have keen insight into human nature. You are an intense study of those you meet. You might find profit and satisfaction from the field of psychology. You might become a gifted therapist. You are very transformative, and your life is very transformative, and those who knew you when you were young may be stunned at the change later. You are temperamental, restless, and moody.

You might do quite well as a writer. You will show great imagination with a poetic flair and a deep understanding for the motives of your characters.

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