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Re: Why is he ghosting my friend?


For some reasons, the link to the chart doesn't work.
But based on what Januarystorm has posted, here are some quick tips.

Contacting someone is pretty much like dealing with a lost object as the underlying question is "Will I find the person back?"
Whenever I have an important phone call to make, I try to put the Moon Angular and/or in good aspect to the Quesited Angular as the person is Home.
Cadent - He is not far away or he may be busy.
Succedent - He is away or you hear from someone else.

Here you have the Moon in Taurus (Exalted) in the 3rd House (Joy) and last over Uranus. An unexpected event happened (check what house is in Aquarius as it may show why this happened or the reason behind) that changed his plans or schedule but he is doing well and like Ulysse, he will have a nice story to tell when he comes back home.

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