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Question Re: Questions I have...

I have been away for the past couple days so apologies for not replying sooner.

Based on your past two posts, I'm glad that I am then in fact interpreting my chart properly. This is all great confirmation.

I do have a couple more questions:

Observing the Planets into the Signs and the Planets into the Houses, does an astrologer view those sections of the natal chart as an "overview" of the individual? And the Aspects as the specific focus/direction of where each planet, sign, and house energy is concentrated?

What are midpoints? Are they interpreted as the small details of an individual's personality? I've read that no one can really fully understand their chart without knowing their midpoints. Not sure if that statement is exactly true or not.

I am posting my midpoints for reference. I didn't post them the first time because I didn't want my first original post to appear too lengthy.
Sun = Jupiter/Saturn (-0z55' S )
Sun = Mercury/Pluto (-0z26' S )
Sun = Uranus/Moon's North Node (+0z23' A )
Sun = Jupiter/Ascendant (+0z39' S )
Sun = Neptune/Moon's North Node (+1z10' A )
Moon = Sun/Moon's North Node (-0z16' S d)
Moon = Venus/Saturn (+1z05' A d)
Moon = Uranus/Pluto (+1z18' A )
Moon = Saturn/Midheaven (+1z25' S d)
Moon = Mercury/Moon's North Node (+1z26' A d)
Moon = Mars/Saturn (+1z45' A d)
Mercury = Uranus/Neptune (+1z27' A )
Mercury = Jupiter/Pluto (+1z27' A )
Venus = Moon/Neptune (-1z52' A )
Venus = Moon's North Node/Ascendant (-0z48' A )
Venus = Mars/Midheaven (+1z01' S d)
Venus = Saturn/Uranus (+1z21' A d)
Mars = Venus/Midheaven (-1z00' A d)
Mars = Saturn/Uranus (+0z00' A d)
Mars = Saturn/Neptune (+0z48' A d)
Mars = Uranus/Ascendant (+1z34' S )
Mars = Moon/Venus (+1z35' S )
Mars = Moon/Midheaven (+1z55' S )
Jupiter = Moon/Uranus (-1z27' A )
Jupiter = Saturn/Moon's North Node (-1z10' A )
Jupiter = Moon/Neptune (-0z40' A )
Jupiter = Moon's North Node/Ascendant (+0z24' S d)
Jupiter = Venus/Midheaven (+1z33' S )
Saturn = Jupiter/Moon's North Node (-1z16' S )
Saturn = Venus/Pluto (-1z08' A )
Saturn = Pluto/Midheaven (-0z48' A )
Saturn = Mars/Pluto (-0z28' A )
Saturn = Sun/Venus (+1z00' S d)
Saturn = Sun/Midheaven (+1z21' S d)
Saturn = Sun/Mars (+1z41' S d)
Saturn = Moon/Pluto (+1z47' S )
Uranus = Jupiter/Pluto (+0z48' A )
Neptune = Jupiter/Pluto (-0z47' S )
Neptune = Venus/Moon's North Node (+0z17' S d)
Neptune = Moon's North Node/Midheaven (+0z38' S d)
Neptune = Mars/Moon's North Node (+0z58' S d)
Neptune = Sun/Jupiter (+1z21' S )
Pluto = Moon/Jupiter (-0z38' A )
Pluto = Mercury/Ascendant (-0z23' A )
Moon's North Node = Moon/Jupiter (-1z35' A )
Moon's North Node = Mercury/Ascendant (-1z20' A )
Moon's North Node = Sun/Pluto (+1z11' S d)
Ascendant = Sun/Midheaven (-1z47' S )
Ascendant = Sun/Mars (-1z27' S )
Ascendant = Moon/Pluto (-1z20' S )
Ascendant = Jupiter/Uranus (-0z41' S d)
Ascendant = Mercury/Venus (-0z24' S )
Ascendant = Mercury/Midheaven (-0z04' S )
Ascendant = Jupiter/Neptune (+0z07' A d)
Ascendant = Mercury/Mars (+0z16' A )
Ascendant = Sun/Moon (+0z48' S d)
Midheaven = Moon's North Node/Ascendant (-1z29' S )
Midheaven = Venus/Mars (-0z01' S d)
Midheaven = Saturn/Uranus (+0z40' A d)
Midheaven = Saturn/Neptune (+1z27' A d)

Lastly, any sort of recommended readings on midpoints and astrology in general?
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