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Re: Questions I have...

You have a Cancer 4th House with a Leo Moon on the IC, conjunct Leo Chiron - married to (opposite) Cap. Mar/Venus on your Midheaven. Powerful and fascinating, but not easy. You haven't given me any gender cues so I don't know if you are male or female. Mars/Venus on the MH means that the world will see you as expressing passion and art, male and female themes - like being known for being gay or bi, or an artist who sculpts or paints venus and mars figures, or a writer who writes about venus/mars stories, or a couple's therapist, a movie maker who works with sex and romance themes, or a fashion designer who creates men's lines and women's lines, or unisex lines.

It's interesting to hear your interpretation and perspective. I've been attempting to understand what my calling exactly is through my chart and just realized that perhaps I was reading my chart the wrong way this entire time. I assumed with the planets primarily residing within my 9th, 10th, and 11th houses, somehow I rationalized that I was highly ambitious (Mars & Saturn in 10th) about shifting or bringing a new perspective on life and belief systems to humanity (Uranus & Neptune in 9th) through my networks and communication with individuals or groups (Sun & Mercury in 11th). And had complete disregard that the houses and ASPECTS are connected basically. Your interpretation makes more sense and is a lot more realistic.

To bring further clarity to your interpretation, I am male. To validate the second part, well, a chart never lies, I am bi. Except not openly just yet, but I've come to realize in order to continue this lifetime's journey and lessons, I need to be more open about it. It's something I'm working on.

Expression tends to be the theme in this lifetime as shown through numerology, psychic reading, and just generally life experiences as well besides astrology. Rather though, I tend to use expression and art to bring about universal messages about life rather than create art, as an example, thats about something thats personal and may not connect to my audience. I would rather create something, whether its art or not, that would benefit everyone else other than myself. Don't know if that last part makes sense.

The way you've described Cancer 4th House with a Leo Moon on the IC, conjunct Leo Chiron - married to (opposite) Cap. Mar/Venus on my Midheaven makes me think that my career path will have an undertone sexualized theme to it no matter what I decide to do. And don't necessarily disagree with that either. Mars/Venus feels like a reoccurring daily theme at the moment as well.

Except that Leo Moons need to learn to play to our own audience. Applaud yourself when you do well. Outside applause, take with a big grain of salt. Leo Moons can burn out and then feel sorry for ourselves and then act like drama queens. Particularly with an 11th House Aquarius Sun, you need to understand that you are not always right. Often but not always.

Yes, this is something I'm working on right now for sure.

Chiron conjunct your Moon on the IC is a very deep OUCH. A Mom ouch. A curse from your ancestors perhaps?

I think I see and understand where you're going with this. Are you suggesting that there is a deep relationship issue with my mother or relating to a mother-like figure? Whether or not this is actually the case, how does one realize and maybe fix these ouches if its even possible?
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