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Re: I have a website! And a new feature!

Ask the Astrologer has debuted! You can read the first post here:

Shout out to our own moonkat235, who made this feature possible by submitting the first question!

And thanks to the two others who have submitted questions, which will be the next two installments!

Right now, I only have enough questions to justify running the feature once a month. If I receive at least one more by the end of the first week in August, I'll feel confident enough to plan on twice a month, and publish the next one around August 15th (my birthday!). If the questions start coming in greater numbers, I'll consider making it a weekly feature.

The feature now has its own submission page on my website. And a more comprehensive list of ground rules, although the spirit of them is the same as what I posted in this thread.

Letter writers get to read my answer to their question as soon as I've finished the draft of it, which is currently running well in advance of publication. Everyone else has to wait until it's posted. So, if you want to see more and see it sooner, please submit a question!
Private messages welcome if they're either moderation-related matters or personal messages for me, but please do not send me astrological questions or chart reading requests. I answer those on the forum sometimes, and in my practice always, but not in private messaging.

If you would like to read my blog or inquire about my practice, please visit

I also answer natal chart-based questions in its Ask the Astrologer feature. Submissions very welcome there!
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