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Re: She dislike and hate me,why??

Hey, i'm no good at reading horary but i wanted to comment on this situation. I had something slightly similar at work. Started first job and working with this guy who the next day i found out he'd complained about me to the manager. Then he came into work a day after when he had no shifts trying to get mine or this other guys but he got sent home. Anyway, he'd gathered intelligence i was working that day, and on monday had written in paperwork that he wasn't happy with the cleaning. He was super rude to me too, unhelpful, slow and lazy but yet calling me all those things but i was new and still learning the ropes.

But later on, another guy joined, i found out he'd complained about him too literally on his first day.

So really, this guy has a problem with everyone and everything, and takes every opportunity to complain.

The point being that there are some people who just work like that, especially towards someone new and inexperienced because they think they have the upper hand with those people. They like workplace politics, being underhanded, and probably just have some irrational fear of someone taking over their job lol!!

I would say, don't even take it personally.

With my extremely limited understanding of horary, i can see your co-workers ruler the moon is approaching your ascendent. Then there's Saturn and Pluto in your first opposing Venus etc. in hers.
To me it feels like her daily affairs and having to manage things (moon) is heavily focused on you, maybe that gives her nothing better to do than to focus her energies (whether they tend to be positive or negative) onto you, and you are feeling those effects.
Also, with venus saturn opposition, she could find that you disrupt her usual rhythm (saturn) from the flow (venus and even moon) that she's used to.
Then there's pluto, so this could just be triggering some of her darker pettier behaviours. I've heard pluto be described as a big sound wave of a gong, perhaps you joining the workplace had that effect on her, suddenly there's this whole other dynamic of a person to focus on.
I also wonder if venus and north node in her sign, looking at and opposing a saturn pluto south node, she's using you as an excuse to feel better about herself, to view herself as better and deserving of more, to improve her self esteem. She wants to view you as other and lesser so she can have it easier. And maybe with saturn pluto south node in your first house, it's reflecting all that burden of criticism and diminishment you're feeling personally.

These are just random observations and attempts at interpreting, i'm not too good at reading these.

What i'll say is, don't blame yourself. This behaviour is a result of her lack of co-operation and agreeableness in personality, it has nothing to do with you. Just like in my work situation, this guy was the only loser, the rest that i've worked with have been generous and kind towards me. When i contrasted them with this person, i realised me being inexperienced is no excuse for someone to treat me like that.
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