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Re: I have a website!

Everyone, I'm adding a new feature to my blog: Ask the Astrologer.

I hope to run it at least monthly, maybe weekly. If I get enough submissions, who knows, maybe even more often.

I will answer a natal astrology question in a similar style to AW posts. It will not be a full reading. My answer will probably run 600-ish words, kind of like a very long post here.

I need someone to send me a question so I can start the feature. Maybe a few someones. My aim is to have the first post ready to go by the end of July, so as to catch the energy of Mercury turning direct.

If you would like to have your question answered on my blog, please contact me through my website or pm me here. If you pm me here, I'll send you my direct email so we can communicate that way.

Please note that you and your chart will be anonymized, although I will publish your chart with name and birth info cropped out, and, like posts in this forum, posts on my website are public and permanent.
Private messages welcome if they're either moderation-related matters or personal messages for me, but please do not send me astrological questions or chart reading requests. I answer those on the forum sometimes, and in my practice always, but not in private messaging.

If you would like to read my blog or inquire about my practice, please visit

I also answer natal chart-based questions in its Ask the Astrologer feature. Submissions very welcome there!

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